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Stan Cohen, Principal is a creative attorney with more than twenty-five years expertise as a negotiator and strategist with a portfolio of experience including In-House Counsel to major NYC Real Estate Firm, CEO of Internet business and retail chain, managing partner of law firm, COO in a turnaround, and President and Director of a Not For Profit. Highly effective at creatively reviewing, negotiating and closing real estate sales, purchases, leases, mortgages, licenses, and modifications of any and all agreements and effectively resolving disputes and problems. Stan takes the initiative to strategize and implement business tactics to obtain goals.

With expertise in the areas of contract, real estate, bankruptcy and family law, Stan has counseled business organizations and partnered with decision makers as attorney and business consultant. Having represented real estate organizations, retailers, manufacturers, importers, and service businesses in diverse fields, including but not limited to interior design, garment, fragrance and cosmetics, athletic shoes, retail warehouses, restaurants, and entertainment, Stan’s breadth of experience will be available to the clients of Cornerstone as needed in all facets of operations, including diagnosing, strategizing and resolving complex issues to develop effective approaches to successfully achieve the objectives of the organization.

Whether needed to negotiate workouts, supervise business operations or liaise regarding litigations, Stan’s creativity and business insight can be relied upon to fulfill management obligations for the benefit of the organization.


Real Estate, corporate, bankruptcy, and litigation counselor and attorney, Stan brings a wealth of knowledge to any assignment. As a results oriented negotiator and closer, with a depth of experience in a wide array of fields, Stan brings integrity, positive spirit, strong work ethic and sense of humor to all matters.

Assisting business with strategies, evaluating business positions, and giving professional advice, Stan works for his client with a passion and zeal which energizes his clients.

From his early days working in a law firm in the corporate, real estate and bankruptcy department, Stan had the opportunity, because of a partnership break-up to be involved, at a very early stage in his career as the senior partner’s right hand man, to be brought into situations both with clients and with the partners of the firm to both listen to highly experienced entrepreneurs make decisions, and to be heard when he gave his advice. When he went out on his own, Stan was followed by three major corporate clients of the firm, who, in all instances, saw Stan as the person who was handling their accounts, and who they had come to trust. All three CEO’s continued to work with Stan as an Attorney through their retirements. It was in those years that Stan learned the art of corporate counseling involved more than laying out all the choices, but more importantly, is the skill to discuss all the paths, and hold the client’s hand through the process. He was asked to sit in on discussions about business, not just as an attorney, but as a counselor. His opinions were sought and implemented for the good of his clients. As the practice grew he brought in a partner, who is now a New York State Judge, and assisted other business persons in the growth and protections of their businesses. Stan’s clientele has included a chain of retail stores with 30 stores; several Real Estate entities; a European fragrance company which sought to expand into the America; several manufacturers, importers, distributors, and many service companies, all of which benefited from Stan’s legal advice and business consulting.


An Attorney for more than 25 years, Stan Cohen has a lifetime of diverse experience, based upon opportunites that have presented themselves to him. Managing partner of a law firm, President of a chain or retail stores, CEO of an organization financially supported by a public company, In-House Counsel to a large real estate firm with a portfolio greater than hundred million dollars of investment property, Stan comes to any assignment as Attorney or business consultant with a professional lifetime of assisting others. Stan has worked with senior attorneys and business executives as right hand man both learning how these rather successful people guided their businesses, and counseling these same persons on long term planning, day to day operations, problem solving, and stategizing and implementing organizational changes to assist in company growth or protection of assets.


With credits of Restaurant Tour, a restaurant review magazine Cyberdine, an on-line restaurant guide, and General TV’s restaurant reviews, and hotel virtual tours, Stan then created Meet The Company in which he produced and published several corporate communication conferences. His present publication TMANY News and Views continues today giving members of the Turnaround Management Association insights into stories for the industry.


For 17 years Stan was the owner of a chain of retail photo stores. He pioneered one hour photos labs, one hour photo studios, and the expansion of the photo store to add video rentals. He sold the business to his day to day management and developed a new generation photo store adding digital imaging, full copy shop capabilities, and computer rentals.

Stan has been involved in counseling retail clients in industries from fashion, cosmetics, perfumes, interior design, shoes and sneakers, carpet, pharmacies, office supplies, and jewelry.

Stan has been involved in counseling manufacturers, importers, distributors and wholesalers. Whether retained as an attorney, strategic planner, or consultant, Stan has assisted management toward success and resolving problems.


For two years Stan was in house counsel to a marketing public relations firm. He worked as the CEO’s advisor both in the operations of the business as well on projects to assure internal success as well as client satisfaction. Working with major corporations It was our hire to liaise with ethnic groups to create name recognition and brand loyalty. From that experience, Stan was familiarized with the concepts of business storytelling, distinguishing client benefits to the marketplace, and creation of good will by community service. Stan continues to use this base of knowledge on all assignments.


Stan is President of the Earth Society Foundation a non governmental organization working with the United Nations to promote Peace, Justice and Care of Earth. During his administration he has increased membership by 30%, income by 250% and has worked with the board to resolve years of in fighting created by the feud between the former President and the former Chairman of the Board. Stan has been able to bring world class entertainment to the annual events celebrating International Earth Day at the Peace Bell located at the United Nations. Paul Winter and Pete Seeger, both entertainers with strong allegiance to Peace, Justice and Care of Earth, have performed at the United Nations these past two years.

Stan also donates time to the Coalition for Family Justice. He regularly attends meetings of people who have had substantial negative experiences with spouses, the judicial system, or their attorneys. In both the open forum of the discussion group or in one on one meetings with these people, Stan gives of his knowledge and time and energy to explain rights, strategies, and legal procedures so that people have a better sense of what they can and cannot do under their circumstances.

Stan also works as a board member of the New York Chapter of the Turnaround Management Association and is the present vice-president of media. Stan publishes the chapter newsletter (which has a circulation of four chapters of the association. He has interviewed leaders in the field such as the present national chairman of the TMA, Randall Eisenberg, as well as leaders in other fields such as Governor Mario Cuomo.


Largest holder of unsold cooperative shares- After market drop of early 90’s Stan was brought in as counselor to supervise all real estate litigations and handled all work-outs to protect personal assets, and assist company to reformat and survive

Counseled client on the turnaround first from retailer with private label to manufacturer to importer, to selling its brand with entire staff being retained upon purchase of business by multi-national organization based upon synergies of seller and purchaser. Former CEO now President of division on renewed contract.

Retail Warehouse Chain converted to Real Estate Holding Company. Problem: Family business at time of turnover from older generation to children had substantial diversity of interest and lack of evenness in responsibilities and opportunities for next generation. Counseled all family members, to work together to find new methods for protecting assets. Worked with Landlords to purchase buildings, worked with mortgagees of owned properties to extend and modify mortgage terms, and worked with national firms to become lessees as large warehouse buildings well located as retail shops were converted to strip malls. Results CEO retired with all amenities he desired, Children avoided business and personal fights and operations from 120 employees with all attendant problems of daily operations were converted to rent collectors with a lifetime of income flow and family and business crises averted.

Vertically integrated Company recast to focus on core profits and cast off marginal and losing operations. Sat as COO for six months with CEO and discussed daily and overall business problems, negotiated with Landlords of properties owned by third parties and created spaces for leases in owned properties. Wholesale and Retail business merged into one shop using basement for wholesale with synergies available to benefit retail customers. Results: Leased operations were extended for 10 additional years with rights to assign lease or sell business at no additional costs to present management. Owned real estate with no income (housing losing divisions) were emptied and real estate became million dollar income. Employees were interviewed and problem employees were dismissed and new employees with substantial experience were hired at lesser costs.

Representation of second mortgagee in bankruptcy proceedings preserved asset of several million dollars, and converted subordinate debt position to equity in new organization.

Counseled clients of Family Business to retire and allow next generation to take management responsibilities results were that company that would have closed due to debt caused by inefficiencies was able to be marketed and sold for substantial returns to owners, and family members were secured with top jobs and substantial parachutes if bought out.

Retained by client of highly regarded matrimonial attorney as real estate expert saved millions in real estate holdings by preserving assets despite default by husband and cutting off of money supply to wife. Created partnerships with purchasers and allowed foreclosures to assure contract revenues to wife while conveying properties to buyers. Called as witness at trial to explain the benefits to wife and the non-interest of husband based upon his defaults and her post commencement acquisitions.

Dissolution of partnership without interfering with day to day business based upon interviews and understandings of partners views of problems and directions for future. Partners accepted plan and business thriving and removed partner happy in new enterprise.


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