Largest holder of cooperative sponsor shares- After market drop of early 90’s Stan was brought in as counselor to supervise all real estate litigations and handled all work-outs to protect personal assets, and assist company to reformat and survive. Led CEO of major NYC landlord to understand the benefits of our deal versus other directions he was considering.  Upon reflection he said yes.  Benefit:  Exceeded expectations which turned fallow space into income producing ving plan to turn liabilities into new income stream.   

Counseled client on the turnaround first from retailer with private label to manufacturer to importer, to selling its brand with entire staff being retained upon purchase of business by multi-national organization based upon synergies of seller and purchaser. Former CEO became President of division for several terms until retirement to new ventures.

Retail Warehouse Chain converted to Real Estate Holding Company.
Founder of family business sought retirement – handing control to children.  As long time counsel, trusted by all we addressed the substantial diversity of interests with regard to future business plan and I conceived, internally negotiated consensus, developed, and oversaw plan of reorganization.  Worked with Landlords to purchase buildings, worked with mortgagees of owned properties to extend and modify mortgage terms, oversaw renovations, and drafted and negotiated with national tenants and the law firms as large warehouse buildings well located as retail shops were converted to strip malls. Results: CEO retired with all amenities he desired; Children avoided personal fights; Business operations which were in downward trend were transferred to rent receipts with lifetime income for family without daily retail problems.  

Vertically integrated Company recast to focus on core profits and cast off marginal and losing operations. Hired as COO, advised CEO and took charge of day to day business, negotiated with Landlords to modify or terminate leases; Optioned purchase from one Landlord; Redesigned physical plant and use of space in all buildings. Plan developed and executed to merge wholesale and retail business into one shop finishing with upscale amenities to create wholesale sales venue, with synergies available to benefit retail customers. Results: Leased operations were extended for 10 additional years with rights to assign lease or sell business at no additional costs to present management. Owned real estate which housed losing divisions were renovated and negotiated long term lease for multi-million dollar income. Worked with long term employees, made changes in systems; re-trained to serve merged businesses, hired new employees with different attributes, created new business atmosphere, and developed other efficiencies.  Turned losing business into profitable business.

Advised Management of failing business; buyer found; negotiated sale of assets obtained post closing positions for clients as officers of new division.  Results:  Turned Company that would have closed into profit center for management with upfront cash, long term income with parachute protection.

Long term corporate client of rather successful retail business.  Negotiated all leases, counseled management on growth issues, grew to national chain of stores and licensed departments within department stores.  When purchaser of assets was identified I negotiated transaction to assure profits and protections for Owners of business.  Results:  Long term contracts obtained earning more than best year of income in operating business as well as financial security for Owners and rights to be in allied fields after association.  

Referred by highly regarded matrimonial attorney, I was retained by wife as real estate expert to avoid loss of large real estate portfolio which monied spouse purposely defaulted to reduce assets for non-monied spouse.

Plan:  Created partnerships with purchasers, funded purchase of mortgages, and oversaw foreclosures as bank, to assure contracted revenues to wife while conveying properties to buyers.

Results:  Wife obtained more than $500,000 plus other transferred assets instead of being frozen out.    Aftermath:  Called as witness at trial to explain the benefits to wife and the non-interest of husband based upon his defaults and her post commencement acquisitions.

Referred into counsel feuding partners to develop plan with highest upside.  Without interfering with day-to-day business I interviewed partners, employees, vendors and customers and created plan for dissolution of partnership and assisting all partners with directions for future. Partners accepted plan and business thriving and removed partner happy in new enterprise.

Retained to resolve a downside position in a post judgment litigation.  My new client and his former counsel had been sanctioned in prior proceedings.

Problem:  Former counsel made false representations to court and had client take positions supposedly for the benefit of the case, without basis in truth. Adversary seeking $90,000 attorneys’ fees and $25,000 quantified sanction to his client to redress damages.  Created court conferences with Judge’s law secretary.  Researched issues and found nuanced positions.  Positioned myself as new attorney trying to help court.  Settlement was far afield. Created briefing schedule so Court was up to speed on researched issues.  On morning of trial showed law secretary and court that settlement could not be achieved only because of the one researched issue.  Law secretary understood importance of issue and intransience of adversary in accepting the researched position.  I questioned Law secretary if would could hear that one issue.  On consent of adversary, Court heard argument and testimony from adversary attorney on that one issue so as to advance settlement.

Results:  Based upon research and our position, Court ruled in my client’s favor. After ruling, settlement was finalized with payment of $9,000 (less than either component of sanction request and less than 8% of claimed liability).  

Retained to protect client’s Trademark from firm claiming prior use.  In matter before TTAB defended two separate motions and obtained discovery of adversary’s use and lack of application to products or services.

Result:  TTAB ruled in my client’s favor based upon motion I made.  My client continues to own name and other party changed business name.