As an attorney I am a licensed broker in NYS.
Over the course of the last generation I have helped to find homes for many families coming to New York for the first time, or for those just moving around the block.  Whether the intricacies of co-operative purchasing, protecting from mortgage forclosure or helping to find properties in the hamptons to create your new home, I am the uniquely qualified, independent professional that can handle all your needs.
Over the course of my history, I have done it all personally, not just for others.  I have bought, sold, and renovated apartments in NYC and  counseled and brokered many more purchases and sales.  I have closed many deals and developed homes in Nassau County.  I have involved myself as a home owner, developer, broker, and attorney throughout the Hamptons.  I have counseled clients through the maze of courts and committees in the towns of Southampton and East Hampton, having been appointed to a town committee by the Town Supervisor I understand the workings of politics of the town.
If you want a professional on your side, not just a salesman looking to make a deal and run off with the commission, then contact me and we’ll work together to find, close and do all things to make a new home your dream home.
If you are selling, allow me to counsel you, not just from a salesman’s or even the broker’s home office’s prospective, but as a counselor, attorney and independent, entrepreneurial real estate broker let me help you assess your best path toward maximizing value and making choices for best next steps.