Real Estate, corporate, bankruptcy, and litigation counselor and attorney, Stan brings a wealth of knowledge to any assignment. As a results oriented negotiator and closer, with a depth of experience in a wide array of fields, Stan brings integrity, positive spirit, strong work ethic and sense of humor to all matters.

Assisting business with strategies, evaluating business positions, and giving professional advice, Stan works for his client with a passion and zeal which energizes his clients.

From his early days working in a law firm in the corporate, real estate and bankruptcy department, Stan had the opportunity, because of a partnership break-up to be involved, at a very early stage in his career as the senior partner’s right hand man, to be brought into situations both with clients and with the partners of the firm to both listen to highly experienced entrepreneurs make decisions, and to be heard when he gave his advice. When he went out on his own, to start his own practice, three major corporate clients of the firm followed him.  In all instances, the CEO saw Stan as the person who was handling their accounts, and who they had come to trust. All three CEO’s continued to work with Stan as their Attorney for their businesses and personal lives through their retirements.

It was in those years that Stan learned the art of corporate counseling involved more than laying out all the choices, but more importantly, is the skill to discuss all the paths, and hold the client’s hand through the process. He was asked to sit in on discussions about business, not just as an attorney, but as a counselor. His opinions were sought and implemented for the good of his clients. As the practice grew he brought in a partner, who, retired from practice when he became a New York State Judge.  The firm grew with Stan as managing partner to three offices, five attorneys and support staff, and the firm gave personal attention representing businesses and individuals in business matters and litigations to guide in the growth and/or protections of their businesses and assets.

Stan’s clientele has included a chain of retail stores with 30 stores amongst other retailers; several Real Estate entities; many restaurants from fast food to fine dining; licensed departments within department stores; a European fragrance company which sought to expand into the America; many fashion businesses from manufacturers, importers, distributors, to retailers and job lot reps; and a varied clientele in service businesses, all of which benefitted from Stan’s legal advice and business consulting.

From business formation, to counseling clients in all phases of operations, Stan drafts, reviews, and negotiates leases and lease terminations, asset purchases and sales, joint ventures and mergers, handles or oversees litigations, writes employee handbooks and counsels employee matters, turnaround management, and creatively strategizes business plans including governance and day to day issues.